Theological Truth And Its Container

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For Christians it is a given that the Bible conveys theological truth. Sometimes the truth is conveyed by a parable, at others by a narrative.  Sometimes that truth is contained in a poem or a song.  Is it ever conveyed in a myth?  Is it ever conveyed in an errant vehicle?

Let’s change the analogy somewhat.  Let’s pretend that we’re talking about pure, life-giving water.  As long is it is conveyed in a container that is pure, and designed to keep the water pure, we can be assured that the water is pure.  It simply won’t matter the container, if these conditions are met.  On the other hand, there will be no pure water if the container contaminates it, because it is an impure container.  After all, the freshest, life-giving water is no good if poured into a container contaminated with typhus.

What about theological truth, then?  Does it matter about the vehicle in which it is conveyed, or the container in which it is placed?

What do you think of the analogy?  Does it fail somewhere, or is it a good one?

Just musing…

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