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Invitation to Philippians: Building a Great Church through Humility by Donald R. Sunukjian

Book Details: • Author: Donald R. Sunukjian • Publisher: Weaver Book Company (2014) • Format: paperback • Page Count: 113 • ISBN#: 9780989167147 • List Price: $14.99 • Rating: Highly Recommended Blurbs: “These model sermons remind us that exposition should be interesting, relevant, and at the same time thoroughly biblical.” —Erwin W. Lutzer, Senior Pastor, The Moody Church “Sunukjian is one of […]

Book Briefs: Alby’s Amazing Book Illustrated by Catalina Echeverri

Wonder, excitement, adventure, the thrill of discovery — these qualities abound in young, eager minds. But we don’t often associate these words with the Bible. In Alby’s Amazing Book, illustrater Catalina Echeverri does an extraordinary job capturing this excitement and showing children that the Bible can be exciting too. The book presents Alby, a squirrel, […]

Quotes to Note 40: Spurgeon on Election

I’ve done 40 Quotes to Note posts, over the years now, and I have yet to post a quote from Charles Spurgeon! Perhaps I haven’t because he is so quotable, everyone else quotes him. But I stumbled across this quote again as I was teaching through my Sunday School series on Reformation doctrine again this […]

Powerful New Tools in Logos 6

Logos 6 is out. By all accounts this software is one of the best tools for Bible study available. I have seen what Bibleworks can do, and have been in classes where Accordance was on display. But I have never really spent a lot of time with Logos before. And what I am seeing is […]