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Three Historic Approaches to Separation

Just wanted to call your attention to Justin Taylor’s brief history of Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism that he recently shared on his blog. A key section in this brief history, which focuses on the years 1920 through 1962, is Taylor’s thoughts about “three approaches to separation.” Three Approaches to Separatism Emerging from this 1957 division, and [...]

Mapping the Rebirth of Calvinism

Ever since Christianity Today published its cover story “Young, Restless, Reformed” in 2006, it has been apparent that Calvinism is on the rise. It’s been called “New Calvinism” and has been making an impact, usually for the better (in my opinion). Several years ago Mark Dever had a series of posts tracing what factors helped [...]

Russia as the New Christian Nation?

America has long considered herself a Christian nation. She is the “city on a hill” and a “light to the nations.” Presidents have repeatedly framed America’s national missions as Christian ventures. We are fighting the darkness and standing against evil powers. Most Christians can see through the rhetoric, and understand that policitcal candidates and leaders [...]

The Pyramid and the Box: The Decision-Making Process in a Local New Testament Church by Joel Tetreau

Book Details:   • Author: Joel Tetreau   • Category: Church and Ministry   • Book Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers (2013)   • Page Count: 212   • Format: softcover   • ISBN: 9781620326367   • List Price: $23.00   • Rating: Must Read Blurbs: “You are holding a great handbook on decision-making for every local church. I commend Joel’s insights into biblical decision-making — here are some profound new [...]