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Russia as the New Christian Nation?

America has long considered herself a Christian nation. She is the “city on a hill” and a “light to the nations.” Presidents have repeatedly framed America’s national missions as Christian ventures. We are fighting the darkness and standing against evil powers. Most Christians can see through the rhetoric, and understand that policitcal candidates and leaders [...]

Book Briefs: Judges for You by Tim Keller

When it comes to Bible study, the English speaking church is truly blessed with a glut of materials. And Bible study helps come in almost every shape and size: simple books with application for laymen, heavy tomes with detailed exegesis of the Greek for scholars, and everything in between. In the God’s Word For You [...]

What the Old Testament Authors Really Cared About: A Survey of Jesus’ Bible edited by Jason DeRouchie

Book Details:   • Editor: Jason S. DeRouchie   • Category: Biblical Theology   • Book Publisher: Kregel Academic (2013)   • Page Count: 490   • Format: hardback   • ISBN: 9780825425912   • List Price: $45.99   • Rating: Must Read Blurbs: “How could I not enjoy a book in which the editor says ‘is designed as a springboard for delight in God—the supreme Savior, Sovereign, and Satisfier of [...]