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Reformation Gems 7: Konrad Pellikan on the Gift of Faith

Reformation Gems are excerpts from selections contained in the Reformation Commentary on Scripture, a new commentary series from IVP which gathers the best Reformation-era comments on the text together all in one set. The volumes in this commentary series resurrect long-forgotten voices from the Reformation age and in so doing they recover the piety and […]

Commentary Roundup: A Commentary on Judges and Ruth (Kregel Exegetical Library) by Robert B. Chisholm, Jr.

Commentary Roundup posts are a series of short reviews or overviews of Bible commentaries. I’m working my way through a variety of commentaries, new and old, and hope to highlight helpful resources for my readers. Book Details: • Author: Robert B. Chisholm, Jr. • Publisher: Kregel Academic (2013) • Format: hardback • Page Count: 688 • ISBN#: 9780825425561 • List Price: […]

Northland, SBTS, and the Next Chapter for Fundamentalism

Northland International University (formerly Northland Baptist Bible College) just announced a formal partnership with The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. NIU President, Daniel Patz says this move will “energize our mission, and anchor our institutional stability for generations.” You can read some of Al Mohler’s comments on this partnership and learn more about […]

Russia as the New Christian Nation?

America has long considered herself a Christian nation. She is the “city on a hill” and a “light to the nations.” Presidents have repeatedly framed America’s national missions as Christian ventures. We are fighting the darkness and standing against evil powers. Most Christians can see through the rhetoric, and understand that policitcal candidates and leaders [...]