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Reformation Gems 7: Konrad Pellikan on the Gift of Faith

Reformation Gems are excerpts from selections contained in the Reformation Commentary on Scripture, a new commentary series from IVP which gathers the best Reformation-era comments on the text together all in one set. The volumes in this commentary series resurrect long-forgotten voices from the Reformation age and in so doing they recover the piety and […]

Quotes to Note 38: Calvin on Evangelism

I am in the middle of reading a magesterial work on definite atonement titled, From Heaven He Came and Sought Her (Crossway, 2013). The book explains and defends the most misunderstood “point” of Calvinism: limited atonement (better described as definite atonement or particular redemption). In this book I came across a simple and extremely clear […]

Calvin On Rulers And God

The characteristic of a true sovereign is, to acknowledge that, in the administration of his kingdom, he is a minister of God. He who does not make his reign subservient to the divine glory, acts the part not of a king, but a robber. He, moreover, deceives himself who anticipates long prosperity to any kingdom […]

Mapping the Rebirth of Calvinism

Ever since Christianity Today published its cover story “Young, Restless, Reformed” in 2006, it has been apparent that Calvinism is on the rise. It’s been called “New Calvinism” and has been making an impact, usually for the better (in my opinion). Several years ago Mark Dever had a series of posts tracing what factors helped [...]

Pot Calls Kettle Black

John MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, and recent host of the controversial Strange Fire Conference, predicted in an interview with Christianity.com that what he calls the “Reformed Revival” will reverse itself in the next few years. He thinks this is so, because he sees so many of the younger generation […]