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Quotes to Note 40: Spurgeon on Election

I’ve done 40 Quotes to Note posts, over the years now, and I have yet to post a quote from Charles Spurgeon! Perhaps I haven’t because he is so quotable, everyone else quotes him. But I stumbled across this quote again as I was teaching through my Sunday School series on Reformation doctrine again this […]

Reformation Gems 7: Konrad Pellikan on the Gift of Faith

Reformation Gems are excerpts from selections contained in the Reformation Commentary on Scripture, a new commentary series from IVP which gathers the best Reformation-era comments on the text together all in one set. The volumes in this commentary series resurrect long-forgotten voices from the Reformation age and in so doing they recover the piety and […]

Quotes to Note 38: Calvin on Evangelism

I am in the middle of reading a magesterial work on definite atonement titled, From Heaven He Came and Sought Her (Crossway, 2013). The book explains and defends the most misunderstood “point” of Calvinism: limited atonement (better described as definite atonement or particular redemption). In this book I came across a simple and extremely clear […]

Calvin On Rulers And God

The characteristic of a true sovereign is, to acknowledge that, in the administration of his kingdom, he is a minister of God. He who does not make his reign subservient to the divine glory, acts the part not of a king, but a robber. He, moreover, deceives himself who anticipates long prosperity to any kingdom […]