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Dr.R.C.Sproul,Dr. Albert Mohler and Ravi Zacharias – Is Evolution Compatible with Christianity?

Rodi posts an excerpt from a discussion between Sproul, Mohler, and Zacharias about evolution and Christianity. I think it is quite telling what Ravi Zacharias, one who is most familiar with secular universities and their approaches to issues, says in regard to both evolution’s incompatibility with Christianity as well as the illiberalism of liberals.   Ravi Zacharias: They are right. But, you know, the irony of it is as we well know. Today for any academic in the arena, to even say anything like that is to risk completely being an outcast. Very few philosophies in the world are as bigoted as liberalism. (R.C.Sproul interjects, “It’s hard to find a “liberal” liberal.”) Liberalism is the most bigoted philosophy around today. I made that comment at an open forum and I got a letter from a Congressman and he took issue with me. He was a liberal and he was very upset with the statement. I said, “If you truly are a liberal, tell me why it is that in all the mainline divinity schools, when the conservatives were in control, students were taught what the counter perspective is. I think, R.C. was mentioning earlier, he was reading many of the [...]

Adam and Eve: Clarifying Again What Is at Stake

Thus, the denial of a historical Adam means that we would have to tell the Bible’s story in a very different way than the church has told it for centuries as the Bible has been read, taught, preached, and believed. If there is no historical Adam, then the Bible’s metanarrative is not Creation-Fall-Redemption-New Creation, but [...]