Christianity is an Object of Horror to the Watching World

2 Chronicles 30:6-10 HCSB So the couriers went throughout Israel and Judah with letters from the hand of the king and his officials, and according to the king's command, saying, "Israelites, return to the LORD God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel so that He may return to those of you who remain, who have escaped from the grasp of the kings of Assyria.  7 Don't be like your fathers and your brothers who were unfaithful to the LORD God of their ancestors so that He made them an object of horror as you yourselves see.  8 Don't become obstinate(1 )now like your fathers did. Give your allegiance(2 )to the LORD, and come to His sanctuary that He has consecrated forever. Serve the LORD your God so that He may turn His fierce wrath away from you,  9 for when you return to the LORD, your brothers and your sons will receive mercy in the presence of their captors and will return to this land. For the LORD your God is gracious and merciful; He will not turn His face away from you if you return to Him."  10 The couriers traveled from city to city in the land of Ephraim and Manasseh as far as Zebulun, but the inhabitants(1 )laughed at them and mocked them

When I think about the state of the church in America, it reminds me of what King Hezekiah told the people of Israel about the state of their nation before the eyes of the world. God had made them an object of horror because He was fiercely angry with them. However, when the call to repentance went out, it was mocked. It seems that the most common news about God's people is scandal. The church is a mockery and an object of derision because of our continued stubborn sin. When I read the kinds of responses to the news of yesterday's latest scandal, I see people who want to say: "We're not like them! Don't include our little huddle in their huddle. Our kind of Fundamentalism isn't guilty of what they're doing!" Let me tell all of you something. We're all guilty and we have all contributed to the demise of Fundamentalism as well as the greater evangelical failure in one way or another. I'll begin with myself and my church: we can boast of expository preaching, historic Baptist doctrine, reverent worship, clear gospel teaching without gimmicks, but we are powerless. We have no influence and power that convinces the rest of the community that God is truly among us.

Someone mentioned a Fundamental church in the Bay Area that hasn't gone the way of Hyles and Schaap  so it wasn't fair for me to broad brush them as part of the problem. Although they may be a sound church, they are equally powerless as we are in our city. One of my members told me that someone from their old mega seeker church visited them a few weeks ago and bragged about how many people were going to their church compared to ours as if their numbers were proof of God's blessing. They are just as blind! Their excess of numbers is a phony inflated farce based on their shallow empty preaching that attracts carnal people to a carnal church. But what can I say about ourselves? Our lack of numbers is also a result of our careless, powerless, loveless smug contentment with dead orthodoxy!

All of us are guilty one way or another of bringing reproach on the name of Christ. It is time that we all look at the signs and see that God is angry with His church and because of it, we are the objects of mockery, disgust and ridicule. Rightly so! We need to humble ourselves...all of us, and we need to beg God to cleanse His churches and empower us once again for the sake of His name being honored among the heathen.

~ Originally posted at Reforming Baptist

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