Blogging Questions

Mapping the Rebirth of Calvinism

Ever since Christianity Today published its cover story “Young, Restless, Reformed” in 2006, it has been apparent that Calvinism is on the rise. It’s been called “New Calvinism” and has been making an impact, usually for the better (in my opinion). Several years ago Mark Dever had a series of posts tracing what factors helped […]

Exciting News Coming From @BibleGateway #bgbg2 has announced that they will soon roll out a new blog portal. Beginning with a few select bloggers, the site, which is viewed by millions each month, will become a major source of information via various “BiblioBloggers”. I’m excited that Pastoral Musings has been selected to be among those …

Why I’m Concerned over the Strange Fire Conference

From afar, I have loosely followed the Strange Fire conference. This conference was hosted by John MacArthur and dealt with the charismatic movement. MacArthur is increasingly concerned about the impact of charismaticism worldwide. Tim Challies has posted summaries of each of the main sessions from this conference. And I have scanned through several of them […]