Book Briefs: My Pop-Up Bible Stories by Juliet David

I’ve often wondered why Christian parents are so content to give colorful, captivating books about Disney characters and nursery rhymes to their children, when similar books promoting Bible stories seem to be overlooked. One reason might be how hard it is to find decent Christian books for kids. So often the books one does find are so petty and trite, that it seems pointless to spend more money for them. Instead the cheaper, secular books find their way into our homes.

While it might take a little more effort, collecting Christian resources for our kids is worth it. I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to taking the easy way out on this. But more and more, there are an increasing number of good Christian books that we can get for our young ones.

Juliet David is a prolific childrens’ book writer and has produced a wide variety of books for little hands and hearts. I’ve reviewed her Candle Prayers for Toddlers book, previously. In My Pop-Up Bible Stories, she offers an engaging and well-produced book that is sure to interest one-three year olds, and their older siblings. Just about any pop-up book will fascinate kids of all ages, but they are so easy to break and tear. This book published by Kregel seems sturdy and durable enough to handle some abuse.

The stories that are included are simple. Baby Moses in his little ark, Daniel in the Lion’s den, Jarius’ daughter rising up when Jesus takes her hand, the shepherd looking for a lost sheep, and Jesus stopping the storm. There isn’t a lot of text included for the stories, but the Scripture references are shared. This approach allows parents to teach the story at the child’s level.

Daniel Haworth has provided engaging and colorful illustrations. My two year old and four year old girls are most interested in this book. While the message is not overtly Gospel-centered, it isn’t just a bunch of fluff either. The stories stick to Scripture but are told at a child’s level. This resource will be a helpful addition to our collection. I’m sure if you have little hands, something like this will come in handy. And there are some good deals on the book available at the links below.

Pick up a copy of this book at any of the following online retailers: CBD, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, or direct from Kregel.

Disclaimer: This book was provided by Kregel Books. I was under no obligation to offer a favorable review.

About Book Briefs: Book Briefs are book notes, or short-form book reviews. They are my informed evaluation of a book, but stop short of being a full-length book review.

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