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JasonS grew up in a Baptist family, went to Baptist churches, trusted Jesus at age thirteen, and began preaching at age nineteen. Today Jason is nearing forty years of age, but won't say how near that he truly is to forty. Jason is the father of two children, the husband of one wife, the pastor of two country churches, and is often tired, but loves the Christian life and the blessing of being in full-time ministry. JasonS is a lover of reading, theology, Biblical and ecclesiastical history, and desires to learn and grow in the grace of God. You may visit JasonS' personal blog at

Of “Do No Harm” And Moral Authority

It seems that the cry regarding many issues is that said issues do no harm. That would seem to imply that the morality behind an issue is whether or not harm is done; hence the moral code is, “Do no harm.” Here’s the problem: from whence the authority for the “do no harm” morality? If […]

Warfield On Purity of Scripture

In the view of the Scriptures, the completely supernatural character of revelation is in no way lessened by the circumstance that it has been given through the instrumentality of men. They affirm, indeed, with the greatest possible emphasis that the Divine word delivered through men is the pure word of God, diluted with no human […]

On The Alleged Natural State Of Homosexuality

If homosexuality is natural, perhaps a couple of questions should be answered. 1. Why is homosexuality the new kid on the block compared to heterosexuality? 2. Seeing homosexuality is held by many skeptics/atheists who also hold to evolution, why haven’t humans evolved to where homosexuals can procreate naturally? 3. If homosexuality is natural, why do […]