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I've been blogging since 2005 at Fundamentally Reformed. I am a former hard-core fightin' fundamentalist, who's found grace and embraced Reformed Theology. I post about books and book reviews at, and also can be found at

Three Historic Approaches to Separation

Just wanted to call your attention to Justin Taylor’s brief history of Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism that he recently shared on his blog. A key section in this brief history, which focuses on the years 1920 through 1962, is Taylor’s thoughts about “three approaches to separation.” Three Approaches to Separatism Emerging from this 1957 division, and [...]

Quotes to Note 37: A.W. Pink on God’s Patience

I am helping to teach an adult Sunday School series on God’s attributes. Each week we are gathering excerpts from systematic theologies or other books, as a reading for those who wish to study the next week’s topic out further in advance. One of the recent excerpts I found was from A.W. Pink on God’s [...]