Comparing Genesis To ANE Legends

I wonder what it says about the minds of those who think that the Genesis Creation Account borrowed from ANE legends. When we read this, it certainly shows no true comparison between the two. I planned in my own heart, and there came into being a multitude of forms of beings, the forms of children […]

Book Briefs: Alby’s Amazing Book Illustrated by Catalina Echeverri

Wonder, excitement, adventure, the thrill of discovery — these qualities abound in young, eager minds. But we don’t often associate these words with the Bible. In Alby’s Amazing Book, illustrater Catalina Echeverri does an extraordinary job capturing this excitement and showing children that the Bible can be exciting too. The book presents Alby, a squirrel, […]

Introducing RefTube

At my YouTube channel, I have begun adding channels to which I subscribe which deal with Reformed and otherwise theologically-oriented topics (and a little music) in my “Featured Channels” widget. I’m calling it  RefTube. Subscribe and watch. You will find a link in the sidebar. I’ve been making several additions lately, the most recent of which is the channel […]